How to mod Wrestling Revolution 3D

So unlike previous MDickie PC games, there aren’t a many editable folders within WR3D. Thankfully we can still get to most of the files we love to edit; it just requires using a .swf editor. SWF is a compressed file which can very easily been edited, saved and even extracted from.

You will need a Flash Decompiler program, I would suggest JPEXs Free Flash Decompiler. As the name suggests, it’s free and it features a user friendly interface.

We will be editing the Game.swf file in your main Steam game folder. You can find the WR3D folder under:

C:\Program Files (x86)\Steam\SteamApps\common\Wrestling Revolution 3D

You simply open Game.swf with your Flash Decompiler program, and you will see a familiar file structure on the left hand side of the program. You simply replace things by right clicking on the elements on the right part of the program (For instance, images), and replacing them.

This works with images (.png transparency is welcome on menu items, but NOT in game models), audio files (must be mp3 format now) and other small tweaks such as font changes. I haven’t toyed with the scripts or other things yet, but this should be a good starting point for most modders.

Please note: Do NOT replace image files with larger images. Sadly we are stuck with low resolution graphics for the time being. Replacing the original dimension-files with higher-resolution ones will cause your graphics to become oversized and offset. Just stick with the original sizes; extract the files you’d like to replace first, and work on their pixel dimensions.

Another good tip is to ALWAYS back up your original Game.swf file, and make multiple copies if you are wor

king on a large mod. One wrong step could result in a game breaking bug.

For normal, folder based mods.

This is business as usual, you simply replace any graphics or models within the WR3D folder and they will appear in game. Be sure to number your attires, textures and themes correctly. The only thing we can change via this classic method are the arena decor textures, wrestler costumes and the weapon/arena models.

For arena textures, it’s worth mentioning that the default model files for all environments have baked MDickie textures. Even if you replace all of the files in the ‘arena/decor’ folder with your own, if the ‘default’ decor setting is chosen in game; default MDickie textures will appear.

You will have to open the arena/backstage models and replace textures yourself, it will be the only way to get rid of the MDickie default textures in this game sadly.

If you are adding weapons/items you will need to put these in the relevant folders, but you will ALSO need to update your game.swf with the weapon entries, so they appear in the menus.

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