WR3Dmods Patreon launched

Now that WR3Dmods is a reality, and WRHD is on the horizon. I want to finally have a site that will not vanish like all other MDickie communities have done over the years. Along with the website, I have setup a Patreon account; for those that don’t know. It’s basically a tipping service for content creators / artists and etc.

You can become a Patreon and throw me [WR3Dmods] a single dollar each month. This will keep the site ticking over financially, and will support this community also. Most of the mods will be my work, but they will also serve as a permanent host for other mods (such as the real name mods / real theme mods).

This means no more nasty bloated forums, and no nasty file host links. Just one fast, clean, simple website to navigate and find all the mods for WR3D. I don’t expect many [if any] will want to, but for the few who will want to support this; it keeps things alive, and it keeps me personally motivated to keep crashing out the mods I love to make.

Eventually I would love to make top quality mods for all wrestling rings, cool new generic attires, and of course.. real wrestler attire mods. All in the same quality as you’ve seen with WMHD and the upcoming WRHD mod. I don’t expect it to be hugely popular, but if it did take off – I can always offer bespoke mods on request, even some 1 on 1 tutorials and goodness knows what else.

But I don’t want to get too far ahead yet. It’s time to get wr3dmods populated, and to get people buying the game and enjoying the kick ass mods that will eventually be around! Cheers all! https://www.patreon.com/wr3dmods

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