Photoshop scaling bug w/ MDickies textures

So WR3D still has this strange problem when the default textures are accessed. This is the same for opening the file, or placing them in an already open Photoshop document. If you’re a Photoshop user you probably have encountered this, luckily it’s easily fixable

When you open any MDickie texture in Photoshop it’s all squished! This is probably down to the program MDickie uses, or an intentional setting to perhaps save on texture space (I have never encountered this practice, but you never know; MDickie loves to be efficient with file size)

Open a texture in Photoshop and then navigate to the menu at the top:

View > Pixel Aspect Ratio And then select Square

This will restore the normal view of the texture when you have opened it in Photoshop. If you drag a default texture into an already open Photoshop document, you can simply drag it to size with the transform tool anchors.

It’s worth mentioning that the file will still act strange; for instance when you add text, choosing point sizes or adjusting settings such as leading will cause them to bug out. I believe this to be a DPI issue with the original textures. Instead of manually inputting font sizes, just use the Transform tool anchor and drag them to size manually.

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