WR3Dmods.com is the home of downloadable content for Wrestling Revolution 3D by MDickie. The most popular file will be WRHD, a HD conversion mod which increases the look of the base game. This site will act as a ‘Free DLC’ store, where you can find additional costumes, new ring textures, weapons and much more. All content will be ‘MDickie style’ meaning no photo-realistic stuff which breaks the look and feel of the original game.

My name is simosimo (or SimonS in the MDickie community) and I have been making MDickie mods for 14 years. With the release of WR3D on steam, I am deadly serious about making a community for the players. I started the Mpire Mall many years ago and it was a thriving community, but sadly due to technological advancements and a dwindling player base for MDickie games, it died out.

It’s 2017, and people want simple websites with clear instructions on how to download things. This will not only be a community for modding, but for tutorials and the coming together of fans. Thanks to Discord this can now become a reality.

I am hugely passionate about modding MDickie games and I spend hours crafting high quality mods for the wrestling series. I want to do the mods justice (mine, and other contributor’s) by hosting them on a great website that will not vanish after 6 months.

See you around!